Message of the Chairman

"Our goal is to rank among top 10 in Turkish economy"

Chairman Board of Directors

Turkish economy grows day by day with the recovery trend it entered. Communication means and equipment increase in number and alternatives offered to consumers reach to infinite numbers as a result of the globalization.
Globalization also acts as an intermediary in relaying a small movement experienced at a remote location in the world to our country and sector as a devastating wave.
Thus, it requires actors in the business world to be more alerted, dynamic and principled and makes it compulsory to deliver the best products and services to consumers with added values.
As Kiler Holding, we set our goal as ranking among the top 10 in all sectors we operated so far. We determined all of our management policies, strategies and business principles towards achievement of this target and we managed to become a Holding that puts its signature under important accomplishments in Turkey. We took our steps towards future with a far-sighted approach by taking lessons from our past.
We achieved a reliable and gradual growth by making substantial part of our investments with our equity capitals without ignoring the fragile nature of the Turkish economy and the global economy. Now there are different targets before us. We dream about becoming one of the top 10 organizations steering the Turkish economy, carrying out dynamic operations outside the borders of Turkey and add value to our country and people as we always do.
We will walk towards this target hand in hand with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.
Our beautiful country promises a happy and prosperous future for all of us. As long as we know how to work, produce and share as Turkish nation. We work by adding value and we live by sharing.


"Kiler Holding continues to grow consistently"

The foundation of Kiler Holding was laid by Hikmet Kiler and his sons Nahit, Vahit and Umit Kiler in 1983. Supermarkets that were opened in Bakirkoy and Avcilar in the food retailing sector that is the main business field of the family were followed by tens of others every year. Kiler Group that started production of the Kiler and Kilerim brand products offered to customers in the retail sector made investments in different areas of the food sector such as packed food production, production of meat and meat products, production of sugar, flour and bakery products.
Investments in the construction sector that were made in addition to the investments in retailing and food sectors accelerated the growth dynamics of the group. Operations that started with the construction services required by the group companies continued with many housing and office, shopping mall projects with different scales. Kiler Holding that started showing presence in the transportation sector with the transportation services provided for Kiler employees and customers accelerated its operations in this field with the investments made in Tourism, Energy, Health and Service sectors.
Kiler Holding operates in more than 10 sectors with 22 companies assembled under 4 main groups.
Short-term target of Kiler Holding is to maintain its growth by making investments in food, tourism and health sectors and rank among the top 10 companies of Turkey.

Main Principles

Our Objective
Kiler Holding olarak temel amacımız, hizmet ürettiğimiz tüm alanlarda ve coğrafyalarda her bir bireyden başlayarak tüm insanların yaşam kalitesini yükseltmek ve yarattığımız katma değerle ülkemiz ekonomisinin gelişimine katkıda bulunmaktır.

Our Target
Çalışanlarımız, tedarikçilerimiz, iş ortaklarımız ve müşterilerimiz nezdinde oluşturduğumuz güveni en temel sinerji kaynağı kabul ederek faaliyette bulunduğumuz sektörlerde liderliğe ulaşmak ve insanların yaşam kalitesini yükseltebileceğimiz yeni hizmet alanlarında yatırımlar yaparak istikrarlı bir büyüme gerçekleştirmektir.

Our Values
Kiler geçmişten bugüne bağlı olduğu değerleri koruyarak faaliyet gösteren bir grup olmuştur. Bu değerler geçmişte olduğu gibi bugün de Kiler Holding’in büyümesini ve faaliyetlerini yönlendirmeye devam etmektedir.

Humans Come Before Everything
Our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners are considered as human beings before everything else. Protecting and improving the human life, health, safety and happiness is in the essence of everything we do. This principle is the fundamental element shaping all of our investments, organization and operations from production to service.

Honesty and justice are the pillars of trade
Being honest in our business operations and approaching to our employees, business partners and customers with a fair attitude is one of the keys to our success. We are proud to see that all of our operations particularly including retailing operations allow us to show our honesty to the society multiple times every day.

Earnings increase as they are shared
Knowing how to share is more important than knowing how to earn. Therefore, Kiler Holding makes effort to do something in return to every single cent earned through social activities and projects that will increase the welfare of our citizens and country. Kiler executives know that economic growth cannot be achieved without social development. Organizations cannot maintain their presence without economic growth.

Continuous growth is essential
Learning is a never-ending process. Just like individuals, organizations should also learn new things and implement what they learnt on regular basis. For Kiler structured as an innovative organization that is open to learning in all positions starting from the top executives, achieving a continuous growth by integrating the requirements of the era is one of the main targets.


Chairman Board of Directors

Kiler Holding A.Ş. Chairman Board of Directors
Kiler Alışveriş Hiz. Gıda San. Tic. A.Ş. Member Board of Directors
Biskon Yapı A.Ş. Chairman Board of Directors

He was born in Bitlis in 1965.
He completed his elementary, secondary and high school education in Bitlis.
Nahit Kiler who started his career in the retailing sector 20 years ago founded many companies particularly including Kiler Alisveris Hizmetleri A.S. with his brothers.
Nahit Kiler who follows and analysing the global developments in the construction sector closely realized Istanbul Sapphire project that is the most important business centre/ residence project of Biskon Yapi A.S., a subsidiary of Kiler Holding, and Turkey. Experience and knowledge of Nahit Kiler in the construction sector brought construction projects of the holding to a position comparable to the retailing operations.
Married and father of four, Nahit Kiler is interested in water-skiing and snowboarding.




Member of the Board

Kiler A.Ş. Chairman Board of Directors
Vice Chairman Kiler Holding Board of Directors

He was born in Bitlis in 1970.
He completed his elementary and secondary school education in Bitlis and he finished high school in Istanbul.
He was graduated from Istanbul Aydin University, Faculty of Communication, Radio, Television and Cinema Department.
He is the chairman of Kiler A.S. Board of Directors that carries out its operations with 205 stores in 32 cities in total particularly including Istanbul and Ankara for more than 20 years.
He is also Vice Chairman of Kiler Holding Board of Directors that operates in construction, energy, tourism and sugar industry sectors.
He is a co-founder of Hikmet Kiler Foundation.
Umit Kiler that started to be interested in ski sport since he was young continues this hobby with water-skiing and snowboarding.
Umit Kiler who is a member of TIBB, Betav, President Musiad Foreign Affairs Committee, a member of Istanbul Commodities Exchange Assembly, President of TOBB Istanbul Young Entrepreneurs and a member of Fenerbahce Sports Club is married and father of four.

Hikmet KİLER

He was born in Bitlis on 11 January 1941. He started working at Tekel Cigarette Factory when he was 15 and retired in 1881. Hikmet Kiler who started his trade career by opening a local shop in Bitlis moved to Istanbul with his family in 1984.

Hikmet Kiler who transferred the responsibility of business activities to his sons Nahit, Vahit and Umit Kiler since 1994 acts as Honorary President of Kiler Holding companies. "Hikmet Kiler Foundation" established under the umbrella of Kiler Holding provides educational services.

Kiler Holding that pursuing the principle of sharing trade earning with others and believing in the essential role of education in Turkey's growth assembled all of its social responsibility and aid projects under the umbrella of Hikmet Kiler Foundation that was founded in 2007. Main target of the foundation is to ensure that our children are brought up as knowledgeable, modern and skilled individuals with scientific mentality at all stages of their educational careers and make them have professions through such a quality education.

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